Extra Curricular

Extra Curricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are a mixed bag of action, excitement and learning for MDM Public School.

Nurturing our students for the real world, means letting them experience a world of activity at once while teaching them to excel at everything they sign up for!

Literary fests, arts and craft exhibitions, musical events and bulletin boards entirely driven by our student community are just some of the extracurricular activities our students engage in.

To fuel the spirit of discovery at MDM Public School, every child has individual access to a computer. Starting early, our students begin to learn their way around at Grade 1, and before long, are able to navigate the systems independently.

MDM Public School way teaches our students to explore life outside the classroom as well.

Visual Arts

At MDM Public School, our comprehensive curriculum also guarantees a place for the visual arts.

We focus on drawing and painting, collage, printmaking, decoration, clay modeling and relief, and mask & puppet making.

Musical introductions line the educational process at the Samhita Academy. We believe that exposure to music at a young age helps a child perform better academically. Our students are also taught to appreciate the richness and beauty of Indian classical music. Instrumental music lessons are also available for our students at the middle school level.

Health and Wellness

MDM Public School has a fully-equipped infirmary and a fulltime trained nurse, who maintains the health records of all our students and administers First Aid in case of an emergency.