Our Rules

Rules For The Students

A preparatory Education Centre that cares for the innocence of your kid and makes them competent to face the world with full confidence in their coming future.

  • Student must bring their diary to the school.
  • Student must attend their classes regularly and come neatly dressed in clean school uniform otherwise they may be fined or sent back home.
  • Students must bring all the material required in the class such as pencil, rubber, scale etc. According to the time-table and should be the home work as prescribed.
  • Running, playing and shouting in the class room and in the corridors is objectionable.
  • While going one class room to another , students must form a queue and always keep to their left walking.
  • In the absence of any teacher in the class, it is the duty of the monitor to maintain discipline and nth, students should obey his/her instruction.
  • Students should use the waste paper basket kept in their classes and at places on the ground to maintain cleanness in the school.
  • The school is not at all responsible for the loss of books , stationery, money or other valuables. To avoid it students are advised not to bring any costly things to the school.
  • At the time of games, drill and school assembly no students should remain in the class room.
  • Home tutors are not allowed to attend PTM, if caught, strong action will be taken against the parents „ and the teacher.
  • The school gate will be locked five minutes before the rings and late comers will not be allowed in. Parents leaving their children late at the gate will do so at their own risk. Children should be in school at least fifteen minutes before time.
  • Please do not send your ward to school if he/she is suffering from any infectious viral disease such as chicken pox, measles, jaundice, mumps etc.

Rule for payment of Fee

  • Annual charges must be paid in the beginning of each term. i.e. April to July.
  • A late fee with a fine of Rs. 50 will be imposed for late payment.
  • If the fee is not paid consecutively for two months the pupil's name will be struck off the roll and admission will be granted by paying readmission fee only.
  • The last date of clearing all the dues of the year is Feb. 15 and after that only the student will be permitted to sit for the Final Examination. Fee will be paid according to fee card.
  • M.D.M. Public School is an English medium school, established on 11th July 2009 with the i motto "Knowledge is Power" with top level bureaucrats in govt. of India.
  • It has been catering to the needs of all, specially the children of middle class family. Now it has been raised upto Xth level and soon will be fill class XIIth as per grow away.
  • The school is recognized and affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi

The school establishes an environment in which character and personality of a student will grow steadily to maturity in all aspects of life like spiritual, moral, social, intellectual and physical

The school attaches great importance to varied programmer of activities outside the ordinary class routine. They are designed to develop important traits of character like honesty, self confidence and cooperation and diligence and to promote latest talents for leadership and responsibility.

A proper use of library facilities, debates, elocution and quiz tests and dramatics are some of the cultural as well as educational activities.

Physical training Games are employed to the best advantage to promote culture and healthy spirit of competition. The school has a big play ground. A competent physical Education Coach is there to give advice and guidance to the students. An inter-house athletic meet is held annually.

Winter - 8.00 am to 1:40 pm.

Summer - 7.40 am to 1:20 pm