Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

Our teachers at MDM Public School carry the torch of innovation in every method of teaching they adopt in their classroom! Values and lifeskills, academic and co-curricular activities, all meet at the hands of our educational experts

I dedicate this institution in the memory of my beloved mother-in-law Late Mrs. Mohini Devi. She had an aim in her life to serve others & always taught me to follow the same. Thus I opted serving the society by spreading education.

Kusum Lata(Manager)

At MDM Public School the teachers are well versed with the techniques of class room management. Here’s what’s imperative to their teaching style – keeping a positive outlook, motivating, counseling, organizing, instructing and leading the class, using effective instructional tools and strategies. With language that is positive and encouraging, our teachers know how to impart a lesson that will stay with the child for life. Our teachers undergo professional development programmes, that are structured based on pedagogy and soft skills.
Each teacher’s contribution is closely monitored to ensure a sustained effort towards building an outstanding student community.

Art Teacher - 2 class/day

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Assembly Teacher - 1 class/day

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Class Teacher - 4 class/day

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Yoga Teacher - 3 class/day

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