Jai Ram

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Chairman M.D.M School

Youth is glorious gleaming bright but with all its illusions, aspiration and challenges. "It's a book with beginning but a story without an end in the present scenario the students often find themselves surrounded by multitude of carrier options, flooded with more confusion than helpful in formations. The mentor has to be a role model as it is only required to build but sustain a concrete emotional and moral relationship along with duraport, to help develop a positive and constructive attitude to enable the students open new vistas with due commitment towards what they do in later life, not only for themselves but the surrounding society at large.

At M.D.M. Senior Secondary School, I feel proud to say that students are being prepare by its multi discipline "teacher cum mentor" not to only train them for pioneering solutions towards gaining a competitive edge but also ready to face hash reality of their little lives in a most conducing learning environment. And as is well said." It's not where you started but where you are going that matters- by raising the bar of onself. everyday as one goes along the "journey of life"

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  • PHD in Mathmatics
  • 20 Years in university Math
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